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Greetings and welcome to OSDE, your Guide to Great Sex! Sex is on every guy’s mind, and sex is all over the Internet. So your first thoughts may be that there’s nothing left to say about the topic. So untrue! Here we’ve strived to put together a compilation of all the sex-related topics that are of interest to men, and many of those topic are somewhat taboo or at the least, not easily discussed in the confines of normal company.

Have you ever had the occasion to take advantage of the erotic company of an escort? What about sexual toys or furniture — have you ever wondered about which of those many devices might be right for you? How about real sexdolls — would experiencing sexual gratification from a doll work for you? Here, we cover all those subjects, and more.

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We’ve got a lot to say about sex, but let’s start off by correcting some of the many myths men have about sex.



You likely feel you know a couple of things about having sex. You could be right, but you could be wrong. Read on to check out which widely recognized realities can require a bit of a refresh. Once you equip yourself with these facts, implement it. You know she will thank you — and you’ll say thanks to us as well! Without further ado, here we go …

The majority of marriages do not withstand an extra-marital affair.
It turns out research really demonstrates the opposite — up to some extent. The simplest type of straying to recover from is the male easy opportunity/minimal involvement situation, and the most challenging is the female comparison affair. The real key to restoration is to produce a genuine, coherent meaning of the extramarital relationship and then to renew the closeness and trust.

The deeper and more intimate the bond, the better the sex.
Actually, dullness is the larger problem. The issue for couples should be to develop a common lovemaking style which integrates closeness and eroticism.

Larger is much better.
The length of your penis isn’t as big of a concern as many might think. Compatibility of size is the important gauge. A big penis and a small vagina are not an ideal combination. Further more, recognizing the way to use your penis well is more vital compared with size.

Males are usually not naturally platonic, yet females tend to be.
Maybe this idea is self-centered thinking by men. Women, it would seem, are raised to minimize their intimate allure to just one guy at any given time, but a woman’s personality and biology are both well-suited to multiple mates — even more so than men’s.

Women are not as enthusiastic about sex as guys.
Fortunately for males, this is simply not correct. Females may become distant as a result of demands of kids and job but a sexually fulfilled woman will be a joyful, caring female. The problem arises with the “sexually fulfilled” part. Many women do not climax at every sexual encounter — or even at most encounters. It’s a simple fact of life — compared to a man, a woman typically takes longer to reach sexual satisfaction.

Fortunately there are things guys can do to increase the chances of a woman climaxing. For instance, try incorporating sex furniture into your love-making sessions. What do we mean by that? Consider purchasing something like the Trinity sex swing. A sex swing can better position a woman to receive full satisfaction from intercourse. Other sexual devices that help women along abound. At Strapola you can find strap-ons and other sex toys that will help women both with a partner and without one.

If a woman hasn’t experienced a G-spot orgasm, this is an indication of sexual inhibition.
Each female is different. Performance-oriented goals to achieve the “right” kind of orgasm sabotage healthy female and couple sexuality. Acknowledgment of the woman’s sexual expression, which includes the woman’s orgasmic habits, is more healthy for the woman and couple.

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Just about any male can be able to control his orgasms.
Many guys are merely hardwired for quick sex. If you have a tough time lasting over a minute through sexual intercourse, you are not likely to be able to do it just like an adult film celebrity no matter how many routines you do. There are, however, a few tricks men can do to work to improve their staying power. First and foremost, practice makes perfect.

When close to the point of ejaculation, it’s helpful to pause from sex and wait until the feeling subsides. Doing this repeatedly can train the body to hold off on climaxing. If you’re uncomfortable doing this with a female partner, consider getting a sex doll. That’s right — practicing this technique with sexdolls means you can do it over and over again, as often as you want, any time, without feeling inhibited as you would with a real woman.

Sexual intercourse by itself will bring a woman to sexual climax.
Roughly 82% of women can’t attain climax via vaginal intercourse exclusively; they have to have direct stimulation of the clitoris.

Males need to ejaculate to have sexual fulfillment.
An extremely popular notion for women, who thus may focus on working to get a guy to that place. But ask any man who can separate climax from ejaculation and he’s going to tell you there are a number of benefits to what’s known as non-ejaculatory orgasm.

A guy needs to have a hard-on in order to take pleasure in sex.
Foreplay does not require a hard-on, and the course of action of stimulating a female will be quite gratifying in itself, if your mind is not engrossed on performance requirements. Nearly all women like foreplay even without having intercourse. In truth, a number of females favor foreplay to intercourse and often love it far more if it is not a part of a plan to move somewhere else as rapidly as possible.

The most essential element a female wishes in the sack is a man who is able to get her to orgasm.
Women desire men who cause them to truly feel desirable. When she wishes wonderful technique, the woman can obtain a vibrator. From her man, she would like serious passion.

Prophylactics take out the enjoyment from having sex.
The correct condom can instead enhance making love for both partners. A current survey discovered that seventy percent of males opt for the wrong shape or size prophylactic. After they sampled a range of condoms and discovered the ideal fit, their enjoyment significantly improved.


You’ll understand that an escort service is the kind of enterprise that delivers companionship services to men that usually do not wish to spend an evening alone. There’s a common misunderstanding concerning the words escort service. Individuals quite often think about escort services as organized brothels that apply the companionship word as a cover up. The reality is that an escort business does not employ hookers to work for them.

However, it’s likely that the escorts works out a confidential agreement with the customer regarding sex-related favors. Sometimes, it is only a striptease or lap dance in a hotel room. However, in regards to sex that is paid then that is when it might cross the bounds of local ordinances. So, constantly take care when thinking about deals which include paid for sex.

If you’re a solitary man that’s having trouble getting a date then you might be thinking to yourself, “Should I get an escort? What will she look like? Will the woman like me?” All of these are applicable thoughts, but questions which you don’t have to be worried about. Understand that escorts aren’t supposed to be prostitutes, so you do not have to be worried about hiring one should you just need a date for the night.

Furthermore, lots of escort businesses have websites which let you view photographs of their ladies. This allows clients to realize exactly who’ll be arriving at their doorway before the escort service is ordered by them. Needless to say, the escort providers bill a good sum of money for supplying companionship.

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The most affordable fees are about $125 each hour, though others will command up to $300 per hour or more. It all will depend on your city and what you are going to have the girls do with you. In case you are merely looking for basic company in a small or medium sized location, then you will likely get a fair hourly fee. In cases where you are planning to have the female do anything else it will be a bit more cash.

If you’re in a large city such as Manhattan, then expect to pay more. That’s just how it goes — everything in the Big Apple costs more, so why wouldn’t a date cost more as well? There are pluses though. In a big city you’ll have a wider selection of women, and typically the women will be more savvy and sophisticated. This is especially true for call girls at or escorts in any other huge metropolitan area.

When seeking out an escort service it is important that a person pick a professional service which is actually licensed with its home state. You will discover a lot of phony advertisements on classified ads websites that are popular, like Backpage, that promise to be escort services when they’re in truth not.

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Instead, it’s going to wind up being a person who will take you back to their hotel room in order to rob you. Or the woman will have a guy waiting in the closet to rob you.

You can find plenty of reports such as this documented in the news, therefore do not turn out to be a casualty by reacting to a fictitious escort services advertisement. Backpage looks to attract plenty of dangerous individuals that enjoy to misuse the personals section. Actually, there was once a sexual service category, however it eventually got removed following a violent event took place in Las Vegas.

Doesn’t this only cause you to wish to pay a bit more to go with a professional establishment? An authorized escort service will provide you with comfort that you are dealing with a reputable agency that has in fact screened their female escorts extensively. As mentioned in
Men’s Health it’s not challenging to find these establishments that are professional. All you have to do is check out a highly regarded escort service’s website like that of NYC Escorts, Inc. Unfortunately, numerous folks do not do this given that these services tend to command a bit more money than the unlicensed escorts.